Pun Costumes

Pun Costumes for Halloween 2012

Bun in the Oven Costume


Everybody loves puns, so dress up in a sharp, witty pun costume. Let’s face it – Halloween is the best time of the year to be funny. You can dress up however you want, so why not let your sense of humor show with a hilarious pun costume for this Halloween. If you have a bit of a dirtier mind and an adult sense of humor, you will probably enjoy a Morning Wood costume, a One-Eyed Monster costume,  or any of the other number of crazy and raucous Halloween pun costumes. For the more tame of us, there are plenty of other pun costumes that will match your particular sense of humor. If you’re pregnant, or even if you just know someone who’s pregnant, why not dress up in a Bun In The Oven costume? You could even dress up as a super silly Eat Me Banana costume.  What about putting on something totally insane, like a Third Leg costume? Show how much you love sitting at home watching TV and eating snacks with a Couch Potato costume.

Chick Magnet Costume


You could also be a little freaky with a Killer B Costume – get it? It’s the letter B! If you want to make a statement with the ladies, you could always dress up as an irresistible man in a Chick Magnet costume. Any poker experts in the house? Show why every week at the table is shark week with a Card Shark costume this Halloween. Speaking of fish, any fisherman would love a Catch of The Day costume. There’s something bitting on this line!

Roadkill Costumes



There are a lot of choices for Halloween costumes, but step outside the box an get a living embodiment of something purely fun and joyful, like a Roadkill Costume, Hung Like a Horse costume, a Genie in the Lamp costume, or Adult Frog Prince costume.  Put a smile on everyone at your Halloween party’s faces and get a pun costumes today.